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Medicine is both a science and an art. It is a science because it relies upon systematic research and experimentation to investigate diseases and conditions that ail the body, and it relies upon empirical evidence to provide treatment for those diseases and conditions. It is also an art because the practice of medicine also affects a person's emotions, psychology, and social dynamics.


When we feel ill, we tend to go and see a doctor. Often times, we end up going to a doctor that specializes in treating a particular part of our body  (a dermatologist, a podiatrist, an ENT, etc.) and most of these doctors focus on symptom relief. This approach can be appropriate and even ideal for many acute illnesses and diseases. However, for chronic diseases and conditions for which there is no instantaneous relief or cure, medical care needs to go beyond the relief of symptoms. This is where a holistic approach to healthcare comes into the picture.


If you are interested in a holistic approach to your personal healthcare, a common alternative to relying solely on conventional medicine is integrative or complementary medicine. Complementary medicine incorporates various “non-conventional” therapies that are used alongside conventional medical treatments. The purpose is to utilize non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical options that strengthen, support, and complement the primary source of treatment a patient is receiving.

Creating custom treatments and self-care plans that have drastically changed the lives of patients has made our job thoroughly rewarding, We are simply passionate about the Massage and alternative care industry.


Improve your quality of Life: happier & Healthier

Loosening muscles and tendon increases blood flow while eliminating toxins, improving your sleep, enhancing your immunity, reducing fatigue, alleviate depression, anxiety, and more. 

How it works

 we listen to you. We work in alliance with primary or special care physicians, or we can refer out, to create custom plans to deliver the best outcomes while accomplishing goals faster and safer. With achievable goals set, you are guided and educated through your body's transformation, as you learn to manage and avoid chronic pain; setting each patient up for success while engaging in a more active role in obtaining a better quality of life.

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Leaving five stars as that is the maximum I can choose, but if there were more I would include them.

I have been a client for many many years and over these years I have had some massages by other therapists and none no matter how long they have been licensed to practice it, are never up to Amanda's level. I always leave feeling short-changed on their ability to perform a competent massage.

What I have always admired about Amanda is her knowledge of her medical anatomy training to help guide her to use the proper technique and pressure to make positive changes to the aches, pains, or range of motion improvements to your body.

All therapists do best with a few initial treatments to learn your body and aches and pains, but after visiting Body Effects Massage a few times. Anywhere else will leave you feeling they were sub-par.

Ron H.